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We began our journey over a decade ago to cater to the needs of all +2 Science students and medical and engineering aspirants. Since then, we have guided thousands of students to realize their dreams and pass with flying colours. We live in a world of tight competition. In order to cope with the competition and advances, it is important that the students are trained effectively and meticulously.

We believe in the adage, “Nothing is impossible.” With a perfect blend of hard work, effective training and motivation, we could make this happen. Many of our students who passed out from our centre are pursuing their studies in prestigious institutions like A.I.I.M.S., A.F.M.C., I.I.T., I.I.S.E.R., N.I.T. and various institutions of repute.

Besides competent staff and the finest facilities, the moral support and personalised attention are given to each and every student has been our recipe for success. Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the most sought after Entrance coaching and +2 training centre in North Kerala.

We are totally aware of the huge responsibility entrusted upon us. We know that we are playing a vital role in shaping the future of thousands of students. That’s precisely why we don’t see students who come to us as mere students, but encourage them to shape their dreams and inspire them to aspire for a better life.



Managing Director

S.E.C. Doha

Our Philosophy


This learning method considers all the processes and practices to transform the unsustainable values and behaviours of students and collectively engage them to change society.


This learning includes all the processes and practices that lead people to experience, construct and transform knowledge for making sustainability a mode of life and being.


This learning involves all the processes and practices that lead to a peaceful and non-discriminatory society and harmonious co-existence with the natural world.


This type of learning concerns all processes and practices that lead to merging knowledge with action for building a sustainable future.


This type of learning concerns all the processes and practices that lead to human self-actualisation, self-regulation and cultivating a sense of being versus having.

Our History

Started in the year 2008, SCIENCENTRE was the realisation of a dream of a bunch of educational enthusiasts who envisioned an exceptional Entrance coaching and +2 tutoring centre in North Malabar, Kerala. Started with a mere 30 students and 14 staff, it has given wings to the dreams and aspirations of thousands of students. Our alumni are studying and working in prestigious institutions like A.I.I.M.S., A.F.M.C., I.I.T., I.I.S.E.R., N.I.T. and various other institutions in India and abroad.
Our students have topped within the first 25 ranks in the Entrance examinations conducted by the Govt. of Kerala.  In the N.E.E.T. exam, many of our students have been placed in the first 600 ranks.  With facilities such as smart class rooms, full-fledged digital library, online and offline study materials and transportation facility etc. Our centre is one of the highly reputed coaching centres in Kerala.

Alongside a systematic and proven study plan, we provide continuous evaluation process both online and offline.  The centre gives equal emphasis to both Board and Entrance examinations. We organise motivational classes and career guidance programmes by various experts from time to time.