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Science Education Centre, Doha takes great pride in organising the second edition of the Science and Math Talent Quest 2020. This year it has been made fully online keeping in mind the current situation of the country due to COVID - 19 and its ramifications. It has thrown out of gear the entire lifestyle of the people. Keeping all this in mind, SEC has initiated to introduce scholarships for the students, with a 50% scholarship for the first three in each category and the remaining seven in each category shall be offered a scholarship of 40%. This little act, hopefully, will provide a small relief to the students and the parents during this hour of crisis.

SCIENCE AND MATH TALENT QUEST 2020 will be held on 03/07/2020.  The quest comprises 45 questions of 30 minutes duration for all the Grades except Grades I to IV. For Grades I to IV, it will be 20 questions of 20 minutes duration.

Grades I to IV, the questions are from Maths, EVS & General Awareness.

Grades V to X - from Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and General Awareness. 

Grades XI and XII can choose either P.C.M. or P.C.B. combination.

On the day of the quest, visit our website to get the respective class link of S.M.T.Q. By clicking the link, you will be directed to SCIENCE AND MATHS TALENT QUEST 2020. 

All questions are multiple-choice in nature, with four options. Choose your answer by clicking on the corresponding option. Once an answer submitted, it cannot be changed and the question disappears. A right answer gets 2 marks and there are no negative marks for wrong answers. On completion of the quest, your score will be displayed on the screen and you will get a certificate of participation.

The winners will be announced on our website and Facebook page. 

Winners will be awarded trophy and certificates along with scholarships as mentioned above. 


Half of the questions are from present grade topics and the other half is from the previous grade topics. You can expect a few general awareness/reasoning questions also. 


Science explores nature and the most authentic way of introducing science to the students is to create a learning environment and let children make their own discoveries as real scientists. Science Education Centre, Doha conducted its first-ever winter camp during Dec 2019 for the 5 to 14 year olds.

It was termed as 'Scientia' as it means Knowledge. The camp’s scientific activities were headed by Mr Manoj from Kerala, who had received the best Science teacher award from the President of India a couple of years ago. Several scientific experiments related to daily activities were undertaken to encourage the students to think out of the box and have a closer look at the science. Apart from scientific related activities, the students were also engaged in different aspects like yoga, Kalari, craftwork and personality development programmes by experts from the Science Education Centre. This enthused a lot of joy and happiness among the students. A field trip to Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum was organised during the closing stages of the camp that gave the students an insight into the culture and traditional values of Qatar.


Science Education Centre organised an inter-school painting competition to commemorate the National Day of Qatar in December 2019. A large number of students, which also included other nationalities, participated in this mega competition and made it a grand success. The topic given was Qatar and the students portrayed their skills in bringing out the varied culture of the country including its flora and fauna. Eminent artists from the city were invited to judge the 200 plus paintings and drawings.

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